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About UXPA Membership

Discounts for Members

As a UXPA member you are eligible for significant discounts on useful tools, services and conferences to help you to do your job.



Claim Process

20% discount on all Adaptive Path events, including
  • UX Intensives
  • UX Week
  • Good Design Faster
  • MX
To claim your discount, simply enter the code “UXPA” in the promotional code section of the registration.
20% discount on any training courses that Akendi provides
To claim your discount, simply mention that you are a UXPA member when you contact Akendi by phone or email.



15% discount on ANTETYPE, the new prototyping and design tool for UI Designers To claim your discount, send an email to info@antetype.com with your full name and your UXPA member ID. We will then send you a coupon code, which can be redeemed in our online shop. 
20% discount on the costs of hiring City University London’s usability lab for user testing (including eye tracking)
To claim your discount simply call (+44 (0) 20 7040 3087) or email Raj Arjan when inquiring about a booking, and mention the UXPA promotion with your membership number.

Members are eligible for a discounted offer on Dish Network.

New customers receive a $75 VISA prepaid card along with

  • 20 premium movie channels FREE for 3 months
  • FREE Standard Installation
  • HD FREE for Life

*$75 VISA prepaid card is available only to new customers. Click or call for complete details and restrictions.

DISH Network Discounts


Call 888-343-3197 Click to order DISH Network


Call 877-363-2175 or click here for other discounts on DIRECTV, ADT, Charter, and Time Warner

10% discount on
  • Dikablis Cable head-mounted Eye-Tracker, including Recording and Analysis Software for manual data analysis
  • Dikablis Wireless head-mounted Eye-Tracker including Recording and Analysis Software for manual data analysis
  • Dikalbis Wireless Digital mobile head-mounted Eye-Tracker including Recording and Analysis Software for manual data analysis
  • Dikablis D-Lab – Software for automated gaze data analysis (fits with all above listed variants)
To claim your discount, use the code “UXPA_Dikablis” when contacting Ergoneers by mail, phone or fax.
18% discount on Justinmind Prototyper Professional software for creating wireframes, prototypes and specifications for mobile applications and web sites To claim your discount, email jim.sales@justinmind.com with your full name and member ID. Justinmind will then email you a coupon code that can be used through their online system. Please note: This discount is only available once per membership.
20% discount on Loop11 pay-per-use, online usability testing

To claim your discount, after logging in go to My Account, Add Membership and enter the code “UXPAMember” and your UXPA Member ID. Or, email Support@Loop11.com and they’ll do it for you.

Leading Specialist in Eye Tracking Solutions


10% discount on Mirametrix S2 Eye Tracker To claim your discount, please visit: www.mirametrix.com and advise your sales associate of your UXPA membership status.

10% discount on MOO.COM
Products (excluding shipping costs)
*This discount is available only to new customers and can only be used once (by new customers).

Ovo Studios

Ovo Studios

10% discount on the new Ovo Solo 2.0 product Contact Ovo Studios at sales@ovostudios.com to take advantage of this discount.
20% discount on all Rosenfeld Media books and webinars
To claim your discount, got to the Rosenfeld Media website and use the discount code "UXPAMEMBERS".
10% discount on a UserZoom yearly subscription for new customers
To claim your 10% discount, go to the UserZoom website and mention the discount code “UXPAMBR” when sending your inquiry via Contact Us form.
10% discount on the 2013 UX London conference, for 3 days of inspiration, education and skills development for user experience professionals
To claim your discount book online and enter ‘UXPA’ in the discount voucher field.
10% discount on a UXLX2013 yearly subscription To claim your discount book online and enter ‘UXPA-UXLX13’ in the discount voucher field.
25% discount on any level of WebSort.net subscription, for web-based card sorting
To claim your discount log in to the WebSort Study Manager through this link: http://websort.net/ref/UPADISC and purchase their subscription through their normal account page that will reflect the discounted pricing.

Are you interested in offering a discount to our nearly 2,500 members? Have you got a favorite vendor that you’d love to see offer a discount to UXPA members? Let us know by emailing UXPA Headquarters .

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