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Regional Directors

The Regional Director positions were created to continue to improve the communication between the Board and UXPA International members around the world. These Directors will liaison with Chapters in their local regions, represent the UXPA to their region at local events, and will collaborate with other Regional Directors to extend the UXPA's global reach.

2013 Regional Director responsibilities are to:

The 2013 Regional Directors are:

Local Chapters

UXPA local chapters meet to share experience and to support professional development.


  • Montreal, Quebec
    Contact: Alain Robillard-Bastien
    arbastien at ergoweb.ca
  • Ontario, Toronto
    Contact: Dmitry Buterin
    president at torontointeracts.ca

South America

  • Argentina
    Contact: Mariano Andrés García
    mariano at theuxdepartment.com
  • Brazil
    Contact: Andressa Vieira
    andressavieira at gmail.com
  • Perú
    Contact: Freddy Linares
    freddylinares at gmail.com

United States

  • Arizona
    Contact: Theo Mandel, Ph.D.
    theo at theomandel.com
  • California: Greater Los Angeles Area
    Contact: Marcella Missirian
    marcella at marcellacreative.com
  • Connecticut
    Contact: Andrew Segal
    president at ctupa.org
  • Indiana
    Contact: Stephen Hatfield
    shatfield15 at earthlink.net
  • Iowa
    Contact: Keith Kmett
    kkmett at gmail.com
  • Massachusetts: Boston
    Contact: Chris Hass
    chris at createwww.com
  • Michigan
    Contact: Mike Elledge
    melledge at yahoo.com
  • Minnesota
    Contact: Alan Wyman 
    manofwy at gmail.com
  • New Hampshire
    Contact: Bob Thomas
    bob.thomas13 at verizon.net
  • New Jersey
    Contact: Ben Bakelaar
    benbakelaar at gmail.com
  • New York: New York City
    Contact: Mary Michaels
    mary.michaels at humanfactors.com
  • North Carolina
    Contact: Andrew Wirtanen
    andrew.wirtanen at gmail.com
  • Ohio: Central
    Contact: Imran Riaz
    mianimranriaz at gmail.com
  • Ohio: Northeast Ohio
    Contact: Cathleen Zapata
    president at neoupa.org
  • Pennsylvania: Delaware Valley
    Contact: Dorothy Danforth 
    dorothy at danforthmedia.com
  • Tennessee: Middle Tennessee Chapter
    Contact: Shannon Thurman
    nsthurman at comcast.net
  • Texas: Austin
    Contact: Sasha Wolosin
    sasha.wolosin at gmail.com
  • Texas: Dallas-Fort Worth
    Contact: Brian Sullivan
    brian.sullivan at sabre.com
  • Washington
    Contact: Ona Anicello
    anicello at gmail.com
  • Washington, DC
    Contact: Jennifer Romano Bergstrom
    president at uxpadc.org

Europe and Middle East

  • Benelux - Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg
    Contact: Kris Vanstappen
    kris.vanstappen at higroup.com
  • Denmark
    Contact: Nicolai Kirkbye
    andersen.nicolai at yahoo.dk
  • France - Luxembourg: FLUPA
    Contact: Carine Lallemand
    carine.lallemand at flupa.eu
  • Ireland
    Contact: Abi Reynolds
    abigailreynolds at gmail.com
  • Israel
    Contact: Ohad Inbar, Tali Lavie, Talya Porat
    info at upaisrael.org
  • Germany
    Contact: Andreas Hinderks
    ah at germanupa.de
  • Spain
    Contact: Maria José Palacio
    contact at upamadrid.org
  • Switzerland
    Contact: Astrid Göbel
    astrid.goebel at swissupa.ch
  • Turkey- Ankara
    Contact: Aybike Tamer
    aybike.tamer at utrlab.com
  • Turkey- Istanbul
    Contact: Sera Seren
    info at uxpaistanbul.org
  • United Kingdom: Scotland
    Contact: Jim Williams 
    contact at scottishuxpa.org
  • United Kingdom: UXPA UK
    Contact: Stavros Garzonis
    president at uxpa-uk.org


  • Australia: Sydney
    Contact: Lisa Herrod
    lisa at scenarioseven.com.au
  • China
    Contact: Jason Huang
    president at upachina.org
  • China: Hong Kong
    Contact: Daniel Szuc
    dszuc at apogeehk.com
  • Japan
    Contact: Toshikazu Shinohara
    info at upajapan.org
  • Singapore
    Contact: Qiu Yuanfu
    qiuyuanfu at gmail.com
  • South Korea
    Contact: Jae-hyun, Choi
    choi2000 at u2system.co.kr
  • Taiwan
    Contact: Tsai Chih-Ho
    hao520 at yahoo.com



  • Bangalore
    Contact: Amit Pande
    amit.pande at oracle.com
  • Hyderabad
    Contact: Sameer Chavan
    sameer at chavan.me
  • Pune
    Contact: Anupam Kaulshi
    akaulshi at kanbay.com


Chapters in Formation

Contacts in areas where chapters are being formed.

Interested in forming a chapter in your area? Updates to your chapter listing? Contact the Director of Chapters.

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