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UPA 2007: Patterns - Blueprints for Usability

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As usability professionals, our ability to observe users and to discover their patterns of interaction is integral to our work. By defining these patterns we can then leverage that knowledge to create usable interfaces that are familiar and useful to our users. - Carol Smith, Conference Chair



Program and Downloads



Keynotes and Invited Speakers

  • A Sketch of Usability in the Broader Context of Design - Bill Buxton (Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research)
  • Patrick Whitney (Director of the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Fear Less and Other Patterns for Introducing New Ideas - Linda Rising (Patterns Expert and Independent Consultant)
  • 20 Years of HCI Design Patterns: From Values to Formats, and Back Again - Jan Borchers (Professor of Computer Science and Head of the Media Computing Group at RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
  • Beyond the Box: Media Access Anywhere and Everywhere - Larry Goldberg (Director, Media Access Group at WGBH)
  • Evolving Accessibility Standards: How to Validate in a Rapidly Changing Environment - Sharron Rush (Executive Director, Knowbility)
  • Designing "Designing Interfaces" For UPA members only (5 Mb ppt) - Jennifer Tidwell (Author, Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design)

The Idea Market - Afterthoughts

Ever feel that the best part of a conference happens between sessions? Ulf Andersson did. So he devised a new format for conference sessions called an Idea Market. Attendees are free to roam from one idea station to the next, until they find a topic that they are interested in. Multiple "activators" stir up lively discourse on a variety of topics in a highly interactive, fluid session.


Presentation sessions are either 40 or 90 minutes long, and focus on a practitioner's ideas and experience with usability methods, skills, philosophy, design, business case studies, or other relevant topics.

Michelle Bayles, Eliot Jablonka, Ioannis Vasmatzidis Acrobat PDF fileCase Study: Optimizing the Account Opening Process For UPA members only
Caroline Beacham, Yun Zhou Acrobat PDF fileBeyond Screen Readers:A Field Study of Visually Impaired Users For UPA members only
Suzanne Boyd, Emma Rose, Anita Salem User-centered information architecture: Fast, cheap and data driven
Javier Broch, Kath Straub But how do you get them to LISTEN? : Institutionalizing Usability at Decentralized Organizations
Kerry Bodine How Brands Succeed Online
Whitney Quesenbery, Janice (Ginny) Redish Acrobat PDF fileTuning your web content for usability For UPA members only
Deborah McConnell, Delight "DeeDee" DeMulling Acrobat PDF fileDesigning for Small Screens: Crossing from Web to Product Design For UPA members only
Merryl Gross Life's a Story: Use Cases and Wikis as Team Communication
Duane Degler Acrobat PDF fileSemantic Web User Interaction: What's New, What's Important For UPA members only
Megan Burns The ROI of Web Redesigns Made Simple
Willie Wheeler, Vishal Pampanwar, Kiran Rao, Cora Colebank-Sandoval Acrobat PDF fileHow to Introduce User-Centered Design to Corporate IT For UPA members only
Ann Chadwick-Dias, Marguerite Bergel Universal Usability of Dynamic Content: Making Flash, AJAX, and DHTML Usable for Everyone
Patrick Hofmann Acrobat PDF fileInnovations in visual information design and multi-ethnic usability testing: how to create better products and bigger profits For UPA members only
Catriona Campbell Combining the Quantitative with the Qualitative - Web Analytics and Usability
Yvonne Shek Acrobat PDF fileBecoming a Usability Coach: Proving Success One Champion at a Time For UPA members only
Laura Mason Acrobat PDF filePromoting Style Guidelines Usage to Create a Shared Responsibility for the User Experience (UX) For UPA members only
Tharon Howard Acrobat PDF fileTesting Textbooks: What Usability Testing Can Teach Us about Textbook Design For UPA members only
Nicole Guadagnoli Acrobat PDF file3 Ways of Combining Online Surveys and Ethnographic Field Studies for Product Innovation Cases For UPA members only
Jhumkee Iyengar Acrobat PDF fileUsability Issues in Offshore Development: An Indian Perspective For UPA members only
Deborah Ermiger, Pam Dearen Creating & Evangelizing Web Standards (Without Gnashing of Teeth, Smashed Furniture and other Unseemly Tantrums)
James Rudd, Jehan Moghazy, Robert Atlas Using Web Survey Methodology to Conduct a Closed Card Sort: A Case Study
Jeffrey Easton, Phil Diol User Experience Advocacy Strategy and Tools for Large Organizations
Deborah McConnell, Delight "DeeDee" DeMulling Acrobat PDF fileContextual Inquiry: Get Out of Your Cube! For UPA members only
Thomas Tullis Acrobat PDF fileUsing Closed Card-Sorting to Evaluate Information Architectures For UPA members only
Cliff Anderson Acrobat PDF fileTesting and Designing for Latino Users in the US For UPA members only
Timothy Keirnan, Sarah Swierenga Acrobat PDF filePodcasting About Usability: Tips For Practitioners For UPA members only
Dan Shire Acrobat PDF fileThe Silver Tsunami: converging business forces of aging demographics, accessibility and usability For UPA members only
Andrew Graham Micro-Usability: Usability for Wireless Handheld Devices and Applications
Keith Sealy Acrobat PDF fileApplying Usability to Graphical Data Representation For UPA members only
Moira Dorsey Best Practices For Multi-channel Experiences
Heidi Adkisson Acrobat PDF fileHone Your Design Skills with a Personal Design Library For UPA members only
Cory Lebson Acrobat PDF fileThe “Googlefication” of Site Search: Adapting to Google’s Influence on User Behavior
Daniel Schwartz, Arin Bhowmick Acrobat PDF fileDesigning a Specific Use Case Pattern Set for Enterprise Applications For UPA members only



Susan Dray (Moderator), Deb Sova, Tom Tullis, Nigel Bevan, Catriona Campbell Usability Fundamentals: Testing
David Siegel (Moderator), Mary Beth Rettger, Ginny Redish, Daniel Szuc, Kelly Braun Usability Fundamentals: Research
Amii LaPointe, Arvind Ramakrishna, Mike Herold, Ioannis Vasmatzidis International Collaboration for Design, Development, and Usability
William Albert, Bill Gribbons, Daniel Szuc, Randolph Bias, Robert Schumacher, Mary Beth Rettger Acrobat PDF fileLooking into the Crystal Ball: The Future of Usability For UPA members only
Aaron Marcus, Janice James, Theo Mandel, Larry Marine, Nicholas Simonelli Acrobat PDF file So You Want to Be a Rock Star (Usability Consultant) For UPA members only
Lyle Kantrovich, Whitney Quesenbery, Tom Suther, John Smelcer, Debbie McConnel Researching and Designing Life and Death User Experiences
Arvind Ramakrishnan, Thomas Tullis, Cliff Anderson, Ioannis Vasmatzidis, Mary Camp, Tony Brown Acrobat PDF fileUsability in the Financial Services Industry For UPA members only
Laura Seuschek, Julia Stewart, Mary Beth Rettger, Sean Fitzpatrick, Karol Czyrka, Beth Toland Acrobat PDF file The Challenges of Integrating Usability For UPA members only
Kaaren Hanson, Paul Sherman, Stephanie Rosenbaum, Wendy Castleman Acrobat PDF fileTraining Up To Senior - Bridging The Gulf Between Internships And Senior UCD Positions For UPA members only

Acrobat PDF file Notes from the audience discussion


Peer Reviewed Papers

Peer-reviewed papers are submitted as both a complete paper and a presentation. Both must reflect the priorities of the UPA conference, which emphasize practicality, hands-on experience, and interactive presentation.

Thomas Porathe Acrobat PDF file User-Centered Map Design
Robert Gillham, Sylvia Thalmeier , Frederic Fuchs, Ting Shang, Emanuela Sabena, Jakob Biesterfeldt Acrobat PDF file Guidelines for Successful Recruitment in International Usability Studies
Joseph Goldberg, Jonathan Helfman Acrobat PDF file Evaluating User Expectations for Widescreen Content Layout
Philipp Quaet-Faslem, Judith Regn Acrobat PDF file Designing an improved user-interface for interventional angiography and cardiology X-ray systems
Kent Griffin, Paresh Vakhariya, Jungeun Kim Acrobat PDF file Overcoming Mobile Usability Testing Hurdles: A Mobile Payments Case Study
Joseph Goldberg, Jonathan Helfman Acrobat PDF file Selecting the Best Graph Based on Data, Tasks and User Roles


Experienced Practitioners' Track

For 2007, the Experienced Practitioners' Track included both workshops on Tuesday and sessions throughout the conference.

Trent Mankelow, Robert Schumacher Acrobat PDF fileWorkshop: Building a successful usability company For UPA members only
Anita Salem, Suzanne Boyd, Susan Kleimann, Katherine Simonds, Emma Rose Acrobat PDF fileWorkshop: Beyond ROI: UCD as a catalyst for organizational change For UPA members only
Stacey Kirkpatrick, Sabrina Klein Workshop: Training & Team-building: Maximizing the Patch-work Quilt Pattern
Joe Grant Workshop: EP Rodeo
Larry Constantine Acrobat PDF file Activity Modeling and Activity-Centered Design For UPA members only
Emil Georgiev, Kevin Lee, Sandhya Pillalamarri Acrobat PDF file Driving user interface design, product pricing, and product positioning strategies through Usability Performance Metrics For UPA members only
David Siegel, Susan Dray Acrobat PDF file International Usability Evaluation and User Research For UPA members only
Ted Sienknecht Acrobat PDF file Mining Usability Feedback Sources For UPA members only
Nigel Bevan Selecting Methods Based on Reducing Risk


UPA workshops provide an active arena for advancements in the field of usability and design. Workshops provide the opportunity for experienced practitioners to develop new ideas about a topic of common interest and experience.

Elana Person Jennifer Lymneos Root Cause Analysis: Applying a Six Sigma Tool to the Design Process
Hongzheng "Cindy" Lu, Arvind Ramakrishnan Ajax and User Experience Designs
Nigel Bevan, Jurek Kirakowski, Niamh McNamara User Satisfaction: What is it, how can you measure it?
Tracy Hayes, Kathleen Straub Constellations of Greatness: Empowering Industry Leaders


2007 Conference Committee

  • 2007 Conference Co-Chairs: Carol Smith and Alain Robillard-Bastien
  • Conference Advisor: Delight 'DeeDee' DeMulling
  • Exhibits: Dave Metropolis-Rundus
  • Experienced Practioners: Janice Simpson, Meryl Gross, Eric Svoboda
  • Idea Markets: Kathlene (Katie) Leonard , Cristin Witcher
  • Invited Speakers: Bill Albert, Kate Caldwell, Carmen Broomes
  • Local Liaison - Laura Faulkner
  • On-site Conference Volunteers: Pam Cote, Laurie Bennett
  • Panels and Presentations: Danielle Cooley, Jean Fox, Suzanne El-Moursi
  • Peer-Reviewed Papers: Satyam Kantamneni, Laura Downey
  • Posters: Kevin Lee
  • Publicity: Catriona Campbell, Scott Isensee
  • Reviewers: Catherine Courage
  • Session Chair Coordinator: Ashley Pearlman
  • Tutorials: Deborah Hinderer Sova , Sheila Carey
  • Usability Fundamentals Panels: Susan Dray, David Siegel
  • Workshops: Eugenie Bertus
  • Web Site: Kelly Berg, Jeremy Harrington, Amanda Nance, Kristi Brotemarkle, Whitney Quesenbery

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