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Friends of Usability are the people who help create usable software, web sites and other products by supporting the work of usability professionals. They hire, retain, promote, support, and advocate for usability, helping UPA members incorporate usability as an integral and fundamental element of development and evaluation processes. UPA and all of its members salute the Friends of Usability.

Friends of Usability are nominated by individual members of the Usability Professionals Association, and receive a personalized, framed certificate from the UPA thanking them for their support and advocacy.

Friends of Usability is a program of the UPA Outreach committee. Any member can recognize a colleague as a Friend.

Recent Friends

These Friends of Usability have agreed to have their names posted on this web page. Follow the links to the story behind the award.

Scott M. Toolson, IT Group Manager
Capital One Financial Corporation
Presented by Estelle Respert, ERQ Usability Services
September 2004

William Hamilton, President
TechSmith Corporation
Presented by the Michigan UPA Chapter
May 2004

Paul Czarnik, VP for Technology Architecture
Compuware Corporation
Presented by the Michigan UPA Chapter
May 2004

Soar Technologies
Presented by the Michigan UPA Chapter
May 2004

Ronald Tan, Consultant
Infocomm Development Authority
Presented by Tahira Amir Khan of MicroUsabililty Pte Ltd.
October 2003

Justin Hamilton, Director of Product Management
Peace Software
Presented by Miriam Walker of Peace Software
June 2003

Debra Luling, General Manager
Presented by Kelly Berg of TennesseeAnytime
March 2003

Rita S. Ayers, E-Pass Program Manager
DuPont Company
Presented by Heather J. Fox, Phena Partners LLC
February 25, 2003

Cross-Departmental UCD Team
Trane Global Controls and Contracting
Presented by Judy Kistler-Robinson
November 2002

Sandy Moy, Director
C&C University Computing Services, University of Washington
Presented by Carol Robinson of the C&C User-Centered Design Group
October 21, 2002

Jeffrey C. Griffith, Chief Legislative Information Officer
Congressional Research Service
Presented by the LIS Interface Team
August 27, 2002

Laura Getz, Deputy Program Manager
Lockheed Martin
Presented by Brenda D'Angelo
August 26, 2002



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