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Tips for Usability Professionals in a Down Economy

Tom Tullis

Journal of Usability Studies, Volume 4, Issue 2, February 2009, pp. 60-69

Article Contents

Tip #3: Deepen Your Usability Skills

Some usability people get "stuck in a rut," always using the same methods for every project. If the only tool on your tool-belt is a hammer, everything starts looking an awful lot like a nail. Employers value people who have an array of methods at their disposal and who apply the right ones to each situation.

None of us knows everything there is to know about usability. Techniques keep improving, new tools and techniques are constantly being developed, and our knowledge base keeps growing. The following are some ways of enhancing your usability skills:

Even more important than just learning about some new usability techniques is actually applying them. Watch for appropriate opportunities to try out some of the new tools on your tool-belt.

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